It's hard to believe it, but the GotRun...For Education 2.62 Run/Walk & 8K Run is going into its 4th year! Each year the race has gotten bigger and better and we believe that trend will continue. But as in most large undertakings, there are bound to be a few bumps in the road. Here are a few that we've noticed and what we are doing about it.

There is too much congestion at the start line
We've noticed this every year and were not quite sure what, if anything, to do about it. This is a tricky issue because we want those who are running competitively to be able to line up with as little hindrance as possible, while at the same time we know this is a popular race for kids, who with the excitement of the race have every intention of starting near the front of the pack.

We tried asking walkers and slower runners to line up toward the back, but what we've found is that as later arrivals make their way to the start line, participants who thought they were lined up at the back wound up firmly in the middle of the pack when the gun went off. Live and learn.

This year we are going to have a designated starting lane for competitive 8K runners, parallel to the start area for the 2.62 racers and other 8K runners who are not planning on setting land speed records. Our hope is that those who are running the 8K competitively will be able to line up toward the front of the line, while at the same time, our younger and less experienced runners in the 2.62 will still be able to participate in the excitement of starting near the front of the line. And since participants in the 8K will have the option of lining up in either starting lane, those who choose to run with their families in the early part of the race will still be able to do so by lining up in the main 2.62 / 8K lane.

There was too much congestion trying to get to the food tent after the race
Unfortunately, it takes time to get through a line. That is a factor that we can work on, but will never be able to eliminate. We tried something different last year by having 4 food lines to move people through. It generally worked well, but we still saw some room for improvement to keep people from cutting into a line from the side (thereby slowing down the line) and also ways that we can keep the flow of traffic moving.

This year we are completely reworking the location of the tents so that the food tent will be located in the east parking lot, a little further from the rest of the action, which will allow the crowds to be a little more spread out.

My 2.62 magnet faded in the sun
We noticed this late in the summer on some of the magnets on our own cars as well as some we spotted on cars in the wild. It's especially noticeable on cars where the 2014 magnet appears next to a magnet from the 2012 or 2013 race.

2014 Comments from the Race Director

Needless to say, we aren't happy about that and we are looking at options from suppliers to make sure this doesn't continue to happen. Hopefully, the situation will not be repeated!