Comments from our Participants, Sponsors and Volunteers...

”My nephew and I had a good time, it was his first time racing, and he’s hooked. You did a very nice job putting it on.”

 “Just want to send a note to let you know that once again the race was AMAZING! Your attention to detail, organization, and the FUN atmosphere you and your team create is second to none!  It is so amazing to see all of the kids and families out there moving their bodies and having fun.  The smiles and the pride you can see beaming through all of the participants is so unique and such an inspiration.  Your vision and your hard work definitely pays off and I hope you are super proud of the event as it is a HUGE success!!”

“Altogether fantastic.  Thank you.  I loved the start with the singers from local high school — and really I love this entire race.  you do an absolutely fantastic job — from the volunteers, the booths, the route — love it oh and thank you to someone from the race!  I dropped my hat; someone picked it up and placed it where I could find it.  just another reason to love these hometown races.”

 “Loved Got2Run again this year!  Thanks for coordinating such a lovely event!”

“Great Race.  Loved the energy of the participants.  The course was nice and the tents with all the organizations afterwards were fun to visit.  Really really thought it was very well run and attended.  Thank you!”

“First of all - AMAZING EVENT!  Everything is top notch and very student/family friendly!!  Great shirts, organization, communication, swag bags, post race food, set up, course support, etc.  Thank you and see you next year!”

“This is our family’s third consecutive year participating, and we love it! Kudos to the Got2Run team for being so very organized and family-friendly! The route is beautiful, and we really appreciate that Beverly community being so willing to let us run through it.  We were amazed by the number of participants this year (hooray!).  Thanks for organizing and running such a wonderful community event. We can't wait for 5/20/17!”

“This was the 2nd year our 12 year old son ran this race, and 1st year for our 9 year old daughter and it was great!  Really great sponsorships and food & drinks at the finish.  Great energy and enthusiasm from the volunteers!  Good job!!!  Congrats on putting on a successful event.  We look forward to the 2017 race!”

“My kids have done this race for the last 4 years and have had a great time each year. This year we especially appreciated that you recognized the kids with birthdays during the race, my daughter got to be 521 and she loved her special race number.”

“Hi there, Thank you for the opportunity to give my feedback.  I really love this race.  It is so much fun to see the kids out there with their schools and families and excited about physical activity.  It is a really good cause.  This is only the second year that I have ran in this race, but it is by far, my favorite.  It is really well organized, staffed and located in a great section of AH.  There are beautiful homes to look at, and trees to shade the route.  So much food at the end, too!  Very nice.  I love the chip timing and that there are awards.  And free photos!  Whip, from 101.9, is wonderful and easy to talk to.  Plenty of port-a-potties and easy, free parking in the garage across the tracks.  And the price of the race is very reasonable.”

Comments from our Participants, Sponsors and Volunteers...

"I’m relatively new to this running stuff, but I do love to race. This event was one of the most well planned and organized of the 50 or so races I have participated in. Very well done! And thank you for a great day."

"The race was so great!  All of my friends and I really enjoyed the morning and plan on attending again next year.  Maybe you could tell by the look on my face that I was surprised that Grace was going to receive an award.  I kept teasing my friend that we should get in the police car since we were so far behind everyone else.  We were taking our time enjoying the walk and neighborhood.  I am looking forward to next year and am going to try to get the girls in my daughter’s Brownie Troop to do it too."

"Wow!  What an amazing race you put on!  My husband and I have been running races for a long time and we were beyond impressed with the organization of the race – it was run so smoothly- the course was great, there were tons of people but it was not crowded or cramped – the volunteers were all motivating and kind – the food lines were awesome and the awards ceremony was so great – especially for the kids!   Speaking of kids – what an amazing event for them!  It was so great to see so many kids and families out being active!  I hope you are very proud of all of your hard work, time and effort.  What an incredible success!"

"Everything you guys did was great, and as a fellow runner who did not get "into" running until my 20's- I love the excitement in getting our youngest of our kiddos involved!!!"


"I thought the event was great. It was really well organized. I was so impressed with Mariannos' s.  I have been in quite a few running events and have never seen a spread like that. Kudos to Mariannos' s!  That's why I shop there. They are awesome. The running trail was beautiful and shady. If it had been a hot and sunny day, the trees would have been a life saver."

"A great event as always! Thanks for all the amazing volunteers and coordinators! You rock!"

"This was my first Got2Run and I thought it ran smoothly.  Race route was full of cheering volunteers, plenty of water and food, and "Great" time for Parents, Teachers and Students."

"This event was wonderful! We plan to participate again next year. A great course and a very family friendly event! I really enjoyed running this with my sons."

"We had a great time again this year.  We loved how encouraging all the people who directed the runners were and my daughter loved having her name called as she approached the finish line."

"My daughter would have like two water stops (but I think one was plenty)."

"Thanks for organizing such a fun morning!"

"Great Race once again.  You have done an excellent job with organizing and running this event.  Hope to be back next year."

"I think you and your volunteers do an amazing job. I had a wonderful time sponsoring and attending and it seems like it is run very efficiently and effectively."

"Once again – volunteering is super awesome b/c you have it so under control and we have all this connection – maybe b/c it’s so early in the AM but it’s fabulous."

"You rock."

"We had a great time at our marshal corner!  Everyone I spoke to had a great time and would be back next year."

Comments from our Participants, Sponsors and Volunteers...

“Great job today!!  Such a fun race and a great morning to run!  Hope the turnout was successful and thanks for all your efforts to make it a great event!”

“Hi there...I wanted to thank you for such an amazing experience at the Got2Run race.  I have been a runner for a few years, but never actually ran a race (I've been too chicken)  This was such a great first race for my family and me.  The kids were able to walk/run the 2.62 with my husband, and I ran the 8K.  It was such a positive and exciting event.  We are truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.”

“I hope you have had a chance to regroup after a fantastic event last Saturday! Our "Lines on the Run" team wanted to thank you and the event organizers for hosting such a well run and well intentioned event. . . beautiful course, cool t-shirts, and a great cause.
We had a strong showing from our Lines staff and their families but only a few of our students made the event.  We are all motivated to spread the word in District 220 for next year's event. Please keep us informed about next year's event!!”

“Whip was a fun addition--neat to see what he looks like!  I thought everything was great.   Congratulations on the continued growth and success of this event.”

“From my perspective, the event was run just as well as it has been in the past. The packet pickup was quick and easy. Having a different perspective now, having picked up material for 20+ people, it was smooth and well prepared. The race was run efficiently and started on time, which is huge! The food at the end was done well, with plenty of options. You worked great at making this event and signup as easy as possible, with as little frustration as possible.”

“The girls had an amazing time at the race and the feedback from them and parents was amazing. It was such a well organized race, here are the "pluses"
- Easy package pick-up (and appreciated the grouping of our packets)
- Great amount of food/drink both on and after the course
- A designated meeting area for our team
- Race results posted quickly
- Tech T-shirts
- Safe Environment for kids
- Parking availability
- Communication about the race events
Honestly, it was a wonderful race and we will certainly plan to do it next year as long as the timing continues to work with our schedule. Thanks for everything you did to make this a great first running experience for many of our girls. They really couldn't stop talking about it, even the Monday afterward.”

“We really appreciate everything you did to make this go so smoothly. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again next spring.”

“I actually live in Minnesota. What a fun event, and AH is such a pretty suburb, I've never been there. Especially the hood we ran through! As a veteran runner, it made my heart burst to see all those kids out running, what a great event!!! I was in CHI for a bachelorette party and always try and race when I travel (ran Maui marathon while we were there in Jan, I'm sure hubby loves it, lol) so found it on google, and maybe runningintheusa.com? Thanks so much! Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help in the future, I have about 1,000 runner 'friends' on twitter!”

“Well organized! I'm so impressed with how much money goes back to the schools. Thank you for all the effort that goes into organizing this event. Great job to all the volunteers.”

“The event was great fun. Also good for waiting family as the course is small enough for them to walk and "meet" us as we run by. This is my second time participating and I had both my daughters 9 and 12 participate as well in 5k run.”

“Congratulations on building such a wonderful event.  District 59 Education Foundation was proud to be a part of it.”

“An easy volunteer event. Besides the weather cooperating, I thought the event was well organized with no shortage of volunteers. I was a little concerned about the cups all over the street at first, but when the garden rakes and large garbage bags appeared, clean-up was fast and easy. I would do it again. PS: t-shirts are cool!”

“The event was extremely well organized. As a volunteer I knew where to park, where to check-in, what my assignment was and how to get to it. It was also great fun and I enjoyed seeing so many District 59 staff in the race.”

“I was a first-time volunteer with Got2Run. I am the District 59 Board of Education representative to the District 59 Education Foundation. I worked the water table. It was a lot fun and I hope to volunteer in the future!! You put on an exceedingly well-run event and I am glad to have helped. Thank you for supporting healthy kids - and our local schools!!”


Comments from our Participants, Sponsors and Volunteers...
“What a great event, again!  We had such a good time.  Both kids and adults enjoyed themselves, especially the ice cream at the end.  Having a tent was great, lots of comments about how easy it was to find where we were. Thank you for having that this year. Thanks for putting on such a wonderful event. Looking forward to next year.”

“It really was a fantastic event. I have heard rave reviews about the organization, the volunteers, and the course. We are already looking forward to next year!”

“What a great day!  We had a blast, and the run was incredibly well-organized! Thanks for all of your hard work!”

“This was really a great event. Our whole family really enjoyed it. It was well-organized, the volunteers were great, the post-race food was perfect and you ordered GREAT weather! :)”

“Probably most encouraging for me was the number of parents that finished the race and started to talk about ways that we can boost our schools attendance and participation for next year!“

“Your event was fabulous today. You guys did such a wonderful job and hosted a great event for the community. It was so organized and your “mc” was great at keeping everyone informed and highlighting the sponsors. From the persons whom I spoke with the general consensus/comments were as follows: Great shirts (only overheard one negative comment that she thought the shirts were too small), Lovely spread of food, Nice guidance/direction/cheering on, Perfect day/location, So great to give back to the schools”

Comments from our Participants...

“Thanks for putting on such a great event!”

“Congratulations on a tremendous event today.  That was my first official run and I enjoyed it immensely.  You did a great job.  I was impressed by how many people participated.  I loved seeing families in it together.  The course was well marked and all the volunteers in their vests were great at guiding us and cheering us on.  The treats waiting for us at the end was a nice touch.”

“That was a great race and event this am. Great job to all who put it together.”

“We had so much fun participating as a family this morning.  The event was so fun and so well organized.  Thank you!!!”

“What a great race!  We had a good time and everyone really enjoyed it. We look forward to doing it again next year!”

“Thank you for such a wonderful race!”

“My family and I ran in the 2.62 this morning and had a great time.  Thank you for hosting so wonderful an event.”

“...the race was really well run & organized today - We had a GREAT time!! (My father, my 8 yr old son & I were the "3 generations" runners :) “

“Overall I thought it was a pretty great event - especially considering it was the first one.  I haven't seen any races go through the Scarsdale Neighborhood - Most races in Arlington Heights tend to start/end at either Recreation park, South Middle school or someplace down-town - So this was a nice change of venue.”

“This was the first time my daughter and I had been in an event like this!  We both enjoyed doing the walk.  Everything was well done!”

“It was a great time! Thanks for the great organizing! I thought the neighborhood we ran through was gorgeous and I had a good time from start to finish. The ice cream at the end wasn't bad either :)“

“I thought it was a great well run race.  I loved it was in a nice neighborhood and that families and people of all abilities participated.   Kudos to your organization and its cause.”

“Perfect in every way.  Parking, pottys, the course, the food, the shirts, those instant results, and the energetic spirit of the whole event.  I didn't want to leave to go home.  A+.  Keep me posted on any upcoming races that your team is involved with.”

Comments from our Volunteers...

“Absolutely, fabulous event.  I’m in awe of your organization.  Wonderful crew all around. I had 9 people today working with me, and without question we all agreed we’d help you again in any future event.  Please keep us all in mind!”

“Just wanted to take a moment to say Job Well Done to you.  I think that all the volunteers had a great time and jobs were well spelled out well for everyone.  I met a lot of very nice people and would be happy to help again next year (even if it is at 6 bleepin' am!!) Great Event, Great Job!“

“Congratulations on a great event this morning.  The event seemed to go flawlessly, a tribute to you guys and everyone that helped plan the event.  Thanks for all of your time and effort, I think the payoff to the schools is going to be well worth all of your hard work.”

Comments from our Sponsors and Schools...

“Honestly, I've done events like this before and you guys blow everyone else out of the water.  The verbiage was great, the sound system was the best I've ever had the pleasure of using at an outdoor event, the sponsors were so cool and your volunteers were amazing! Hope I can do it again next year!  Thank you for thinking of me.”

“I thought the event was wonderful!  I walked with my daughter and we liked the route as it was shaded by trees and we could look at all the houses to pass the time.  The snacks were yummy!  The volunteers were really nice! Thank you for inviting us to participate in this event as well as including our foundation to receive funds.  This was the first time our foundation worked with an organization like Got2Run to fundraise.  Your organization made it so easy to participate.  Once you have the date for next year's race, let us know so we can start raising awareness to increase participation.”

“We have 2 fantastic Cross Country coaches who did commercials on our daily news for several weeks.  They really got the kids excited!  I allowed them to add a little running club at the end of the year to get the kids ready!  They deserve all of the credit.  The two of them LOVE to run and think it is important for kids today to exercise to be healthy! ... Cross Country is a Fall sport, so they really thought it was important for the kids to get back in shape in order for the kids to do this run.  That is where the "running club" came in. They even got some of our teachers to run in the race!!   Kids love to do things with teachers!”

“I think the race was great!  It was well run and should build into a great annual event.”

[To protect the privacy of those that provided feedback, we've left names off of this page.  Rest assured, these are real comments received from real people.]