These training programs are being provided as a suggestion only without endorsement other than to say that they have been adapted from similar training programs created by Nike and other organizations to enable someone who has never run (jogged) before to be able to complete their first event. This does not mean that you will be definitely be able to complete the event without walking some of it, but hopefully you will be well on your way toward that goal. Plan on "graduating" from each week's training steps before you move on to the steps in the following week. If you miss a day, it is better to save that day's workout and do them in order rather than skipping it and moving to the next one. The steps listed do not take into account where you are starting from and anyone starting from scratch will need to let their body be their guide. Don't push too hard as you won't make your goal of being able to complete the event if you get injured training for it!!

Since this will be your first race, you will probably not be set in your pace - the one that you have been training at. It is extremely easy to get caught up in the excitement of the event and go out faster than your pace. Start slowly, and increase your pace depending on how you feel. Don't wait until you are exhausted before taking some one minute walk breaks. Depending on the pace you set, on race day you may find that you can run (jog) much of the event before you need a break. Whatever you do, enjoy the day and celebrate your incredible accomplishment!!